Tesla recently announced a pair of new modes that use the wealth of sensors and technologies in the company's cars to make a driver's life a little easier. The first and loveliest is the dog mode: this keeps your puppy at comfortable temperatures when you are not in the car, and uses the jumbo indicator in the middle to send passersby a message that you will be back soon. The other important addition is the Sentry mode, which allows you to essentially monitor the vehicle yourself. Use the outdoor cameras to monitor nearby movements and detect potential threats.

To activate the dog mode, just go to the climate control settings and select the very literal "DOG" option, which allows you to set the temperature within a preset limit. Owners of pets that are not dogs are likely to be equally well served by functionality should they stay with a furry friend in the car. Tesla rightly points out that you still check the local laws on unattended pets in the car before relying on this new feature.
The Sentry mode is actually just a logical upgrade of a basic car alarm. For example, if the Tesla discovers a person who relies on it, it will be considered a minimum threat, put into a warning state, and a notification will be displayed in the dash panel that a video recording of the event is being made. However, if a window is smashed, the alarm will sound, the display will brighten, and the speakers will start listening to music at maximum volume. All this is in addition to the obvious and usual reaction of the alarm trigger. The Sentry mode must be activated each time a user wants to rely on it. It will download a video of all incidents to a formatted USB drive if you have connected one before turning on the mode.
The new update will be launched in the United States for "Model 3" brand vehicles from today, followed by "S" and "Model X" models built after August 2017. It also includes enhancements to Dashcam functionality, though the promised Camper & Party mode is still missing that should arrive last year.

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