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February 14, 2019 11:22:40 IS

A feature that was long (long) due!
Apple has finally updated the App Store to help you manage your subscriptions by adding the option to the right of your profile. This update will be sent wirelessly (OTA) and will be available to all iOS users shortly.
Representative picture.
To search for subscriptions tied to an Apple or iTunes account, you first had to go a long way, as shown on App Store> View Apple ID>. However, with the new update, just tap your profile icon in the App Store and look for "Manage Subscriptions" on the same screen.
This feature was first discovered by a MacStories author who then shared it on Twitter.

Apple recently made a change (apparently iOS 12.1.4 and 12.2 Beta) to simplify the management of subscriptions to iOS apps.
All you need to do now is open the App Store, tap your profile, and select Manage Subscriptions.
– Federico Viticci (@viticci), February 13, 2019

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