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February 01, 2019 11:00:44 IST

Rumors are slowly easing what Apple could do with respect to the upcoming iPhones in 2019. Earlier reports shed light on what Apple could do with the iPhone 11, and today there is some confirmation, along with news of Apple's plan for the 2020 iPhones and iOS 13.
Apple's iPhone XI 2019. Image:
According to Bloomberg, the 2019 iPhones could have at least one model equipped with a triple camera. Now we have already seen a few renderings of what this setup could look like with three cameras. One of them includes a matrix-like setup of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and the other is a horizontal stripe in the top half of the back of the phone.
Another big finding was that Apple would most likely retire the Lightning port in favor of a USB Type-C port in its iPhones. This has already started with the iPad Pro 2018 and would also be logically seen on the iPhone 2019. It seems that some devices are being tested for a USB Type-C port. However, there is no confirmation of whether or not these models will be launched this year. The FaceID mechanism, confirmed by the ever-reliable Ming Chi-Kuo, also speaks of improvements.
By 2020, Apple could experiment a lot with AR, and as such, could include a high-performance, laser-assisted 3D camera system. This would allow the phone to "scan the environment to create three-dimensional reconstructions of the real world, working up to 15 feet from the device". Sounds very like Google's Project Tango, which was shut down in 2017. According to the report, Apple could also negotiate with Sony to get laser technology for its phones.
Some good news for fans of dark fashion. The report states that iOS 13 on iPhones and iPads may experience the introduction of Dark mode. Dark Mode was launched last year in MacOS Mojave and is expected to be released on iOS.
iOS 13 will also introduce some new UI changes for the iPad, including "… a new home screen, the ability to browse multiple versions of a single app, such as pages in a web browser, and file management improvements."

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