In a nutshell: On Thursday, Hulu announced that it would advertise when users pause a program. The promos are static (no video) and take only a small part of the screen. Hulu says the ads should be as subtle as possible while remaining relevant.

During the beta, Coca-Cola and Charmin toilet paper promos are shown. What could be more relevant in a break than this? Beta is currently underway and the streaming service expects full implementation by the second quarter of 2019.

The ads do not appear in every program, but on "Select content in the Hulu streaming library". The press release did not contain any further information about the content, but Marvel's Runaways was shown as an example (below).

We reported last month that Hulu and AT & T wanted to launch the break advertising for this year, but there was no set timetable. Interestingly enough, the timing follows a study by AudienceProject that found that over 50 percent of Netflix subscribers surveyed said they would cancel their subscriptions when the service starts showing ads.

Netflix had been playing commercials for other relevant content between popular television episodes last summer. This experiment was not well received at all and the company has not mentioned it since.

The Hulu ads are much less intrusive and do not interrupt your ad unless you pause the interruption. In addition, the promos disappear as soon as you start the video again. The ads also appear only on the base level of 5.99 US dollars, which already has commercials anyway.

As long as ads do not sneak into the higher levels, Hulu should agree.

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