French video game publisher Ubisoft is conducting a private content beta test for Tom Clancy's The Division 2.
The Division 2 private beta will begin on February 7 at 1:00 am Pacific Time and will run until 11:00 am Pacific Pacific on 1:00 am Pacific Pacific. The beta version of Division 2 lets players get a feel for the post-pandemic world of Washington DC.
I have already played some of them at a preview event. These include the early game and endgame missions. They will be available on the Xbox One, the PS4 and the PC.
Players can secure their access to the private beta by pre-ordering The Division 2, which premieres on March 15 on the aforementioned platforms. The game takes place about seven months after the events of the previous game The Division, which debuted in 2016. In this game, a plague embedded in infected money spread throughout New York, causing chaos. The special agents of a secret organization, called a division, have the task of restoring order.
Above: Division 2's private beta will take place around the world. Image Credit: Ubisoft
But the plague has spread across the nation, and now you start defending your base of operations in the White House. As agents, you have to transform yourself into a transformed Washington D.C. Dare and unlock new abilities and abilities as you progress to a level cap of seven. The world is on the edge, its people are living through the biggest crisis ever in human history. As experienced division agents, players are the last hope against the complete fall of society as enemy factions fight for control of the city. When Washington DC gets lost, the entire nation falls.
The beta version of the Open World Shooter game includes two main missions available in story, normal and hard mode. There are five side missions and additional Open World activities, Player vs. Player vs. Environment in one of the three new Dark Zones (where players can fight or cooperate) and PvP gameplay organized in a conflict mode, Skirmish.
In addition to this content, The Division 2 fans will have the opportunity to begin endgame content for the first time with an Invaded mission beginning 8 February at 8:00 (PT). Players will experience the gameplay on level-cap 30 and unlock brand new survivalist, sharpshooter or demolitionist specializations.

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