Enlarge / Apple demonstrates Group Facetime at WWDC 2018.

Users have detected a bug in Apple's FaceTime video call application that allows them to hear the sound of a called person before the call – a critical error that may be used by malicious users as privacy tools Others.
When Ars contacted Apple for a statement, the company said, "This issue is known and we have found an update that will be released later this week in a software update."
For the error you need to perform some actions while the phone is ringing. If the person on the other end lifts off quickly, they may not be affected. Knowledge about the use of the error is already widespread. The steps include:
Tap a contact on your iPhone to start a FaceTime call.
Swipe up and tap Add Person.
Instead of adding a new person, enter your own number and join as another participant in the Group FaceTime call.
We tested this method and confirmed that it works. After a caller has completed the steps, he can hear the receiver's audio signal. However, the receiver can also hear the caller's audio signal. Luckily, it's not really for listening, but you might surprise someone. After completing the steps, the end of the caller shows that the recipient is part of a FaceTime call. The recipient has not yet replied.
This is an unfortunate mistake made by Apple – especially because it puts users at risk, but also because Apple has been aggressively working to position itself as the tech company that cares most about protecting users' privacy concentrated. Apple executives like CEO Tim Cook have been talking about the importance of data protection in recent months to compare Apple with rivals like Google. Data protection has played an important role in communicating with the latest product and software releases.
In addition, Apple purchased visible advertisements for the participants this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (where there is usually no strong public presence) with the copy: "What happens on your phone stays on your phone."
Until the fix appears later this week, this may not be the case.

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