Last night, when 9to5Mac found a bug in Apple's FaceTime app for video calls that allowed you to hear other people's voices even before they answered your call, there was an online mess. According to the report, a user running iOS 12.1 could potentially exploit the vulnerability to listen to other users through a group FaceTime call.
In addition, The Verge noted that the video feed was streamed to the caller if the recipient ignored or rejected the call with the on / off switch.

Now you can respond to FaceTime even if you do not respond. # Apple explains that ..
– Benji Mobb ™ (@BmManski), January 28, 2019

Apple has now disabled the group's FaceTime feature and said it will be corrected later this week. The system status page of the company indicates that the feature is "temporarily unavailable".
Apple Disables Group Facetime FeatureThe problem was so grave that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and even Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York State, softened and urged their followers to disable FaceTime.

Disable FaceTime for now, until Apple corrects
– Jack (@jack) January 29, 2019

Wow, New York Governor Cuomo gives an explanation of FaceTime output from
– Mark Gurman (@ Markgurman) January 29, 2019

This is bad news for a company that has recently spoken out for privacy and customer privacy. The timing could not be worse, as Apple will host in the next few months in the October-December quarter of 2018 within a few hours. Good that the company has responded in good time to disable the feature.

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