The Super Bowl matchup is ready. The New England Patriots (Surprise, Surprise) compete against the Los Angeles Rams for a 2002 Super Bowl XXXVI rematch. It may seem like seeing Brady and the Patriots appearing in the game every year, but you have to appreciate their size, as well as the chance to see them dethroned. No matter who you were, we can at least root for a good game, right? The Super Bowl is coming this weekend, Sunday, February 3rd, and we want to know if and how you look at it and who do you want to win? In the US this is an unofficial national holiday. Friends and family gather with plenty of food (and alcohol) around the TV and watch the game and everything that goes with it, like those great commercials and half-time shows.

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How to prepare your TV for the Super Bowl


The Big Game Continues to Break Records in the US: The seven most watched television events in US history were all super bowls. If you are one of those who will be watching at home, we recommend watching TV on which you watch the video and CBS Sports' full coverage of the game. (Note that CNET is owned by CBS.) If you'd rather look online, we've covered you there as well.

Maybe you are not that enthusiastic about football. Are you still looking? I know many people who are on the lookout for the commercials, as well as the halftime show. Shit, some people just pay attention to the food that accompanies them. In the US, this day is not only a record, but also the second highest day of food consumption outside Thanksgiving. Nothing beats a few buffalo wings and TV. Check out this great playbook from our friends on Chowhound, where you've won your Super Bowl menu, if you think you need some help. So we have some questions for you. Will you be watching this year? Are you going to any kind of spectator party? If so, how are you watching? If not, how is it? And most of all, who do you want to win ?! We appreciate your feedback and can not wait to see your answers in the comments section of this post. Do not forget to vote in the polls.

If you are not a survey type, do not worry, we have other things you can attend. If you love and want to showcase your match day entertainment concepts, we give you the chance to appear on CNET in a show Us Your special. And if you need a new TV to improve your setup, enter this LG 65-inch OLED TV.

Best TV Deals: Buying a New TV for the Big Game? These are our top tips. Here's how to watch the Super Bowl: Watch the game for free in the US, on TV or online.

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