Miles agrees. Image: Sony PicturesThe government is apparently now run by nerds. Earlier this week, Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made headlines with a really sharp quote from Watchmen, and now a New York state legislator is breaking new, fancy digs with some of Spider-Man's chosen music: Into the Spider verses. This funnier detail includes a piece by the New York Times about a group of first-time lawmakers adapting to their new environment in Albany, New York – to accept the complex and weird logistics of a new work that is just an important legislative role. One of those legislators, Senator Zellnor Myrie of New York's District 20, has become accustomed to his new environment, as Miles Morales would surely recognize: The beginning of Wednesday's session caused him anxiety, so he planned to strengthen himself while listening to "Sunflower." "From the soundtrack of the latest" Spider-Man "movie. ("Do not laugh," he said). "Sunflower" is exactly what Miles did when he packed up at the beginning of the Into the Spider verse for the school. Like a hero, like a politician. Here we hope he knows the words.

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