Mark Hamill and the late Stan Lee. Image: Advertisement picture on The last animated cameo of the comic legend of the late Comics legend will be featured on Marvel's Avengers: Black Panther & # 39; s Quest and aired on Sunday. When Lee passed away in November, we knew he had already recorded some cameos and now he is preparing his last in the world of animation. He will play an important, but short, role in an episode of the Disney XD Black Panther series, according to In the sequel titled "T'Chanda", T & # 39; Challa will learn secrets about his grandfather. During this learning experience, Lee will appear in a flashback scene in the 1940s, in which Lee plays a General Army. The cameo is of particular importance, as Cort Lane, a Marvel animation manager, consciously reflects the appearance of Lee's public comments on intolerance, with the general giving a speech based on Lee's own words. Lane said: It made an impression, the things that Stan had to say about prejudice and hatred. He always got up. I actually have the Stan Soapbox from 1968, which was quite common after its passage. He talked about hatred and that hatred will never win. And that gets stuck. This soapbox column can be read in the article along with more information about the cameo and an interview with Mark Hamill and Stan Lee who have recorded together for the episode. The "T'Chanda" episode of Marvel's Avengers: Black Panther's quest will air on Disney XD tomorrow, Sunday, at 9:00 pm ET / PT.

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