The hideous snowman of Apple products – AirPower – emerges. But we believe that the technological monster myth is real when we see it.

Hong Kong-based ChargerLAB reported a "credible source" that AirPower wireless charging mats are already in production. An app developer mentioned that he had heard that Apple had overcome the ongoing production problems with AirPower. Taken together, these developments suggest that durable technology could finally become reality.

Breaking: AirPower is finally coming. We have just heard from a credible source in the supply chain that the manufacturer Luxshare Precision has already begun producing the Apple AirPower wireless charging pad. Luxshare Precision is also the manufacturer of Apple AirPods and USB C cables.
– ChargerLAB (@chargerlab), January 12, 2019

We have heard this song before.
AirPower was the wireless charging mat Apple introduced in 2017. However, since this first attempt, we have seen nada, zip, zilch of actual materializations.
There was also evidence in March 2018 that AirPower is coming "every day now," Mashable previously reported. In April, a Bloomberg report revealed that the product was plagued with problems.
Since then, the mats are strikingly absent at Apple events and are never mentioned there. There were reports that the production was struggling with overheating and interference problems. Some even reported that the project had been canceled altogether.
The mashable senior tech correspondent Raymond Wong is also skeptical.

I'll believe it when a big foot shows up
– Raymond Wong📱💾📼 (@raywongy), January 12, 2019

Where are we with AirPower? Canceled or in the near future?
Given the amount of rumors surrounding this launch, it's just too early to say. Until we see an actual announcement from Apple itself, we assume that AirPower has been where it was for months: nowhere.
[h/t MacRumors]

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