Planet 13 is not just a huge stock of weeds, though there are hundreds of hundreds of different cannabis products. The pharmacy is an entertainment destination in and of itself, with a range of art installations created by designer Todd Moyer and high-tech activities that should inspire visitors, whether or not they have been flogged before. Customers are already greeted by a number of these installations. They enter the facility. The pharmacy's main entrance is protected by a massive, 18-foot diameter, water-spotted water globe that emits fog and mist to produce a hypnotic and decidedly Bellagi effect. In addition, a series of 15-foot-tall acrylic lotus flowers line the roof. At night, visitors to the 24-hour pharmacy can actively control the LED lights of the flowers via a pair of command desks on the ground floor. You can also make a statement on Planet 13's interactive art wall with "spray paint" laser spray cans on the building itself. The effects are particularly impressive after dark. Once the building is in the building, after signing up at the front desk, visitors can get their Billie Jean era from Michael Jackson thanks to a pressure sensitive floor display that responds every time you step on it. During the tour of Engadget through the grounds we went with digital water over a simulated Koi pond. As explained by Planet Farmer Marketing Director David Farris, he can be reprogrammed to show a variety of patterns, from simple lightning to galactic effects. The pharmacy itself offers guests some visual delights: a permanent "3D Projection Visual Experience" which, as the name implies, projects 3D laser images onto the ceiling of the room; and a two-hour aerial ball show where a number of glowing bullets meander slowly through the room. The pharmacy is not finished yet. As Farris explained, the company is already working to expand its facilities to include a café, a restaurant and an open-plan production facility where visitors can experience live how the buds are cared for and concentrates produced. Finally, Planet 13 hopes to build a lounge where consumers can safely and conveniently consume their pot-based purchases. And given the fact that the existing pharmacy is located on a plot of around 11,000 square meters, the company has plenty of room to grow. They are already starting to organize events on site. The crews were busy during our visit to set up a VR conference in a meeting room of the main building. Now it is still to be seen whether the customers of Planet 13 will be interested in these extensions. During our stay, visitors did not pay much attention to the available attractions on the way to the pharmacy. Granted, we visited on a Wednesday at 9 in the morning, as was virtually muted all over the strip. Nevertheless, the offers of Planet 13 are certainly unique. The retail space is unlike any pharmacy I've ever visited, more like a Genius bar in the Apple Store than your regular pot shop. With the upcoming expansions, Planet 13 operates less like large retail spaces like Walmart or Costco and more like a real shopping center.

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