Screenshot: YouTubeYou know, what's more terrible than spiders sneaking into your home in the middle of the night? Spiders in the crazy skies, man. The Guardian reported on Friday about reports of such an incident in Brazil, which was reportedly claimed to be "spiders raining". A recent Facebook video about the phenomenon in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil appears to show hundreds of spiders floating in the air – something that has come out of your worst nightmares. The video was reportedly filmed by 14-year-old João Pedro Martinelli Fonseca, reports local news agency Terra do Mandu. Dona Jercina Martinelli, the teenager's grandmother, told the site that there were "many more nets and thousands of spiders than it appears in the video," according to an English translation. Difficult as it may be, this is obviously something common The species parawixia bistriata occurs during hot humid seasons, says the Guardian, citing Professor of the University of Minas Gerais and Arachnology Specialist Adalberto Santos. These arachnids are supposedly social creatures that band together to form a huge net from which they catch food. Terra do Mandu reported "flying" spiders, possibly due to behaviors known as "ballooning". Some spiders use ballooning to catch gusts of wind and surf the sky; Watching tiny crab spiders do it is actually pretty crazy (even though their presence in the sky is, you know, not). And readers, although I'm very sorry to have to tell you, these are hardly the only spiders that "fly". In fact, these creatures are quite enterprising; Spiders can even sail for heaven's sake. Last year, Cheryl Hayashi, spider biologist of the American Museum of Natural History, talking to Gizmodo about flying crab spiders, said that witnessing this phenomenon "is a deeper appreciation for how spiders have developed this feat – literally sailing through the air. "Despite the incredible evolutionary achievement, each one of us would be forgiven for having spun out of the air to hell by spiders.[Terra do Mandu via The Guardian]

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