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R. Kelly's recently revived legal problems, due to decades of sexual misconduct allegations, are now affecting his ability to work. A typical example: A planned Spring Break concert in Springfield, Illinois will not be allowed.
Approval for the Spring Break Jam concert, which was to be hosted by Kelly in April, was denied, according to a Chicago Tribune report. The organizers have already announced the event, but their application was still under consideration.

The State Department of Agriculture, the body authorized to approve the license, has not included the permit refusal directly in Lifetime's "Surviving R. Kelly" documentation. But it's all interconnected: Wednesday's protests outside of Kelly's Chicago studio, a reaction to the documentary, sparked security concerns for state officials.
Officials noted that Kelly's involvement in the Spring Break Jam meant that the event did not meet the criteria for the interests of third parties who wanted to be leased by the state (in this case, the Illinois State Fairgrounds where the event took place). In short, the state felt Kelly's role as host caused unpredictable security issues.
Lifetime's series did not bring any new allegations to light, but director Kelly's six-part journey, Dream Hamptons, and the accusations that have been haunting him for years, have come to a chord. Numerous artists and other public figures distanced themselves from the controversial singer, including Lady Gaga and Kelly's own daughter.
The threat of legal issues for Kelly becomes more tangible. On Friday, the police visited his residence in Chicago after an anonymous tip claiming he had held two women against their will. (The women said they would have been there willingly and the police left without incident.) Kelly is also on January 16 for an inspection of a warehouse he is renting, and city lawyers claim they are being illegally used as a recording studio Living room.
Kelly is also reportedly being prosecuted in Georgia in connection with allegations (again) in Hampton's documentaries.
Meanwhile, the protests continue: On Saturday, before Kelly's studio in Chicago another meeting took place. And online, the # MuteRKelly campaign is building more and more steam and creating conversations.

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