Photo: Adam Clark Estes (Gizmodo) The Consumer Electronics Show is usually an attack on your senses. There are flashing lights, loud speakers, bizarre stunts and a yacht this year. Well, the Shenzhen 3iRobotics Co., LTD booth and a random guy slumbering upright in a crappy chair offered us a perfect metaphor for CES 2019. It was sad, sleepy, and sometimes a bit bleak What makes Shenzhen 3iRobotics or why This guy decided to take a nap in his stall. I do not know if he works for the company and did not have the opportunity to ask because he fell asleep. Honestly, it made me a bit jealous because I had been running around for a week, looking at other companies with cabins that were adorned with shimmering cloth or inexplicably had a Lamborghini. And for some reason, not many of these companies had interesting gadgets at the annual Las Vegas Tech Festival. It was, as many people said, an annual break for the CES. Take the TV announcements, for example. Basically, only large companies like Samsung, Sony and LG had to say that the concepts introduced last year would be up for sale this year. There was some talk about cool new technology, but we have not seen anything we have not seen before. In addition, there were some cool concepts like this transforming soundbar and some cool new products like these indestructible tights. But this guy, fighting a jet lag in a drab, empty cabin on the back wall of the Sands Expo Center, sums up the true spirit of CES 2019: boredom. Here you are, dude. I hope the nap felt as good as it looked. I hope somebody passes your booth to buy some robots if you are actually working for Shenzen 3iRobotics and the company is making robots. If not, we may learn more about Shenzhen 3iRobotics next year. Maybe we will learn something at CES 2020. Here you will find all our reports for CES 2019.

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