Photo: Courtesy of the Layton Police Department. We did it in 2019 without a meme-inspired accident, but that's all over now. Someone has officially failed the "Bird Box Challenge". If you do not know, the new trend is to drive blindfolded on the road. Inspired by the Netflix movie Bird Box (with Sandra Bullock blindfolded and trying to avoid seeing a fearsome monster), the Bird Box Challenge falls somewhere between a marketing meme and the knockout game. According to the police in Layton City, Utah, the stunt had a pretty nasty accident earlier this week. Lieutenant Travis Lyman, a spokesman for the department, told Gizmodo that a 17-year-old girl tried her luck with the meme on Monday and ended up with another vehicle. He said that the girl was driving along the Layton Parkway with a 16-year-old passenger when she blindfolded and pulled her cap over her eyes. It did not take long before she hit the opposite lane and collided with a car. The vehicle of the Bird Box Challenger. Photo: Courtesy of the Layton Police Department. Aside from meeting another vehicle whose driver had not volunteered to take on the challenge, the teenage teenager rode with a sound wall and a light pole. As if by a miracle nobody was hurt. Lyman said that reckless teenage charges would be considered. The Bird Box Challenge eventually rolled between a non-meme and a meme-in-embryonic state as Netflix tweeted a warning to its users. This dangerous activity. As thousands of retweets were posted across the country on Twitter timelines, the media noted this. The New York Times has written two contributions to this. "Did you try it yourself," the Times asked. "Would you?" The challenge reached its mature form of meme, as YouTuber and the professional brain genius Jake Paul released a video of himself that he tried for his young, impressive audience. And here I promote the dissemination of the meme to a world too stupid to know better. I'm just saying that if you do that, you'll crash and die, and you'll probably kill another as well.[Layton Police Department via KUTV]

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