2019 has just begun, and we've already suffered a major loss: a 69-mile mark disappears forever and will not be replaced.
The Department of Transportation in Washington is sick and tired of people who stole the marker (especially known as the 'sex number'). So he replaced the highway sign by a sign with the inscription "68.9".

"Thieves show no signs of slowing," a local CBS station reported. Watch the slightly painful banter between the two anchors as they debate about the accuracy of the sign without straining to refer to a sexual position.

Washington officials also had to replace a "420" mark with the much less entertaining "419.9" mark. Sometimes they skip the mark altogether.
"Depending on the position and what was taken, we can replace the shield or sometimes leave a space – so there would be a 419 and 421 mile mark, but not 420," said Seattle Washington DOT spokesman Beth Bousley Times.
The representative also said that by changing the signs in decimal-symbol characters "they still give location information to the driver without stealing a popular number."
And though a bright green "69" or "420" looks bad in your strange friend's basement, it's a huge burden on taxpayers. Flag replacement can cost as much as $ 1,000, and the state of Washington has had to replace 608 characters since 2012.
"I think I can understand that on a youthful level," said the spokesman for the US State Patrol in the Seattle Times. "But it's not necessarily fun, considering the problems it causes."
You can also get an individual street sign for less than $ 30 if you really want to decorate your beer pong table with reflective 420.

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