"We are always open to innovation, but if innovation means that consumers are disadvantaged and price comparisons are difficult, then we fight against it," said Wolfgang Schuldzinski, head of the consumer organization, in a statement. Amazon began introducing Dash Buttons in 2015 as a one-click ordering service for popular products – from toilet paper to laundry detergents – in its latest offering to surpass the local grocery stores. By mid-2017, Amazon announced that more than 600 brands had Dash buttons and that every minute four buttons are pressed by customers. The stickies that connect to Amazon's mobile app carry the brand logo of the product they represent. The problem facing Amazon in Germany, however, is that the buttons do not carry the price of the article. The court in Munich noted that Amazon has violated the e-commerce rules because it retains the right to change features of the order, such as price, delivery costs and even product brand, that it intends to combat the decision by legal means , "Today's verdict is not only hostile to innovation, it also prevents customers from making an informed decision as to whether a service like the Dash button will provide them with a convenient shopping experience," an Amazon spokesman told Reuters.

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