Facebook's catching up on the fake message in the UK. Image: Omar Marques / SOPA Images / LightRocket on Getty ImagesBy Stan Schroeder2019-01-11 13:51:38 UTC

Facebook is working with Full Fact, a UK charity that focuses on fact-checking to eliminate fake news in the UK, the company said Friday.
This is a continuation of Facebook's efforts to combat counterfeit news that launched the company after the 2016 elections, but this is the first time the company has initiated such an initiative in the UK.

Here's how it works: Facebook users in the UK can report potentially misleading content. Then the fact checkers of Full Fact take over and take over the correctness of the contents. They are rated as true, false, or a combination of both.
"Full Fact will focus on reviewing and assessing misinformation that has the greatest potential for harming people's security or undermining democratic processes – such as dangerous cancer cures, false stories spreading after terrorist attacks, or fake content about it Voting before elections, Facebook said in a press release.
Content marked as incorrect will be shown lower in the Facebook news feed, and users will see if the content they share was wrong or not, but Facebook will not prevent them from sharing it if they do this.
Facebook also notes that Full Fact only reviews content that is presented as fact-based reporting, while ignoring other types of content, such as expression or satire.
The news comes a few weeks after a Guardian report (which Facebook has responded to here) about the third-party review program. The report alleged that the program was "in disarray" and that the company had given priority to identifying false information that concerned its advertisers (Facebook said this was untrue).
In addition, some third-party Facebook reviewers complained that they did not have access to data showing whether the program was working or not.
The partnership with Full Fact is structured to overcome these issues. Facebook says it will "have no control over what Full Fact wants to review, what its fact reviewers write, and what reviews they give." In addition, Full Fact fact checks are automatically uploaded to Facebook without a Facebook employee seeing or approving before live access.
Full Fact will produce quarterly reports to assess how well the program works.

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