For the Unknown, AirPlay is Apple's wireless streaming protocol. In the human voice, it's the technology that lets you play music from your iPhone on your living room speaker from anywhere in the house, provided you have a WiFi signal. The most notable feature of AirPlay 2, which was released last spring, is the ability to transfer audio to multiple speakers. The reason AirPlay talked so much about CES is because of the video streaming features. AirPlay has long supported photo viewing and video streaming over Wi-Fi, including screen mirroring. The problem so far has been that hardly anything is supported except the Apple TV (of course) and a handful of third-party receivers you've never heard of. There are also some complicated software workarounds, but Apple has finally partnered with some of the biggest TV makers to bake AirPlay 2 in their sets. This means you no longer have to push hard towards Apple TV if you want to move videos from there your iPhone, iPad or Mac to the big screen. And it's also time to consider that there are many TVs that support Chromecast, Google's equivalent AirPlay. Samsung was the first to break the title and announce that all 2019 Smart TVs will be AirPlay 2 compliant. These include the TVs 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, the models QLED 4K and 8K as well as the elegant frame and serif sets. In addition, many 2018 models will be updated with AirPlay support in due course. As if there were any doubts, Samsung's ridiculous 98-inch 8K TV, which is being announced at CES, will also be present on every sale. LGLG was not far behind Samsung's 2019 series will also offer AirPlay 2 support. We're talking about all OLED devices – including the crazy, wheeled models with headlamps, the NanoCell SM8X and SM9X series LCD TVs, and the UM7X 4K series. Sony Later this year, Sony's high-end sets will also be active. Specifically, the 4K X850G and X950G series LCDs, the 4K OLED A9G series, and the new, uncomfortably large 8K Z9G models the company introduced at CES.Sony were the 98-inch version of the Z9G 8K TVEvery, which probably had the biggest announcement of AirPlay at CES Vizio. The company unveiled a range of new 4K offerings, including new Quantum P Series models. The company said that AirPlay 2 support has been added as part of the SmartCast 3.0 Smart-Smart smarttech platform. This will be transferred to countless televisions in the future, so that owners of D, E, M and P series televisions purchased since 2017 will benefit from AirPlay will get a full list of AirPlay 2 compatible TVs on their website. Oh, and the team behind popular media player VLC said at CES that he's also working on AirPlay support. This would mean that even Android users could take advantage of the wider availability of AirPlay. The Ambeo 3D Soundbar by Amheo by Sennheiser Let's not forget that AirPlay 2 is still a popular music streaming method, especially given its multiroom functionality. Among the more notable audio devices announced at CES with AirPlay support is the Sennheiser Ambeo 3D soundbar, which is as impressive as it is expensive. Even homeware specialist Simplehuman brought an AirPlay product to Vegas: a stand mirror with lighting, a speaker and a built-in Google assistant. Whatever next?

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