Congratulations to all! Here are the winners of Best of CES 2019! After several hours of discussion and debate, the Engadget editors have decided who among our finalists should win our Best of CES Awards. Below is our list of winners for each category, as well as Best of the Best and People's Choice. Congratulations to all winners and finalists, including Impossible Burger 2.0, the unconventional winner of our Best of the Best award. It's just nice to spend time with something that's a physical work machine. Analog & # 39; Pong & # 39; is beautiful, but so expensive. UNIS) revived the clumsy arcade tablets we remembered back in the '70s with a mechanical mechanism rather than an electronic mechanism. The home edition of the Powd game, which was previously crowdfunded, costs $ 3,000, arcades can be purchased for $ 4,299, while the cocktail twist costs $ 4,499. How many engrams did that cost? Bungie becomes & # 39; Destiny & # 39; self-published with ActivisionBungie Publish a deal with Activision, which hands over the publishing rights to the shooter franchise of Shared-World. According to the developer, it's "done" after Activision received help over the past eight years. The company renounces its MWC tradition. Samsung could unveil its foldable phone and the Galaxy S10 on February 20, which normally means a new Galaxy S will be a little different. Samsung will be showcasing both the next Galaxy device and the much-anticipated fold-out phone at a February 20 event to mark its 10th anniversary of launching its flagship mobile phone. Initial reports indicated that we would have to wait until March to see the foldable rumor "Galaxy F." to see. More pictures. Now there is a 1 TB SD card. How much do people still need? more … The Morning After is a daily newsletter from Engadget that helps you fend off FOMO. Who knows what you'll miss if you do not subscribe anymore? Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Do you have a suggestion on how to improve The Morning After? Send us a message.

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