Anyone who has ever made online purchases knows that things always look different in real life. When Twitter friend @Dnschtt's friend asked if he wanted to see the packages he had ordered into his house, he did not disappoint.
"She was like I let her see, so I sent her a picture of the packages," Dnschtt tweeted. Apparently that was not enough, so he sent her this video.

A friend ordered a backpack and a belt pouch and sent it to my home. She was like I was seeing her, so I sent her a picture of the packages, but she was like, "No, let me SEE," so I sent her that (sorry for my house): jQ4L31S6ri
– Danny Rumors (@Dnschtt) January 9, 2019

With "Supermodel" from RuPaul he has offered us an absolutely worthy performance. I will now assume that all my friends do the same in the same way if I need pictures that I send to myself.
As for the fanny pack … Shantay, you stay.
The internet was equally impressed with the performance.

1. Yaaaaassss, hunny !!! 2. This color works well too.
– Two Piece and Biscuit (@mbheauxmo) January 9, 2019

I have never physically purified until a moment
– Maria Avila (@maria_lupita__) on January 10, 2019

We love a mini fashion show
– lowri edwards (@lowriedwardss) January 9, 2019

Needless to say, this backpack and fanny pack dance routine is the lip sync that we never knew we'd need.

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