Need help getting your jaw off the ground? Image: raymond wong / mashableBy Raymond Wong2019-01-09 03:21:40 UTC

LG has a long tradition of creating fascinating displays with curved OLED televisions. CES 2019 was no exception.
Last year, CES participants were provided with the spectacular OLED canyon, and the year before, the OLED tunnel was stunned. We had a hunch that LG would return to the CES with something even wilder, but we had not expected a waterfall of OLED 4K TVs.
You can hate anything you want at CES – it's too crowded, everyone coughs, food sucks, etc. – but it's impossible to get carried away by LG's "Massive Curve of Nature" portrayal at the entrance of the booth.

The huge installation, which consists of more than 250 curved LG OLED TVs, captivates like nothing else at CES. Samsung's booth, usually quite dazzling, was disappointingly tame by comparison.
I stood in all OLED TVs for at least 30 minutes. I've picked up so much footage from the curved televisions spilling from top to bottom – reflected by mirrors on each side to create the illusion of infinity.

Holy shit! LG again on #ces with this "Massive Curve of Nature" curved OLED stand indicator is just INSANE. Absolutely fascinating! ­čśŹ­čśÄ
– Raymond Wong­čô▒­čĺż­čô╝ (@raywongy), January 8, 2019

Of course some people call the TV installation striking and exaggerated. You're right, it's absolutely pointless, because nobody can buy it. But that's what makes his extravagance so enticing – something you can only experience on a big tech show like the CES.
Just call me, but I do not care. If I could only do one thing at CES 2019 all week, I would stare at LG's "Massive Curve of Nature" until my eyeballs hurt.
As I said in my tweet: Holy shit!
I mean, will you look at that and not lose your mind? Photos do not do it justice, but must be enough after watching the video above.

Just wow. Picture: raymond wong / mashable
Holy moly.Picture: RAYMOND WONG / MASHABLE

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