J.K. Rowling is back with some writing advice. And she still has zero time for trolls.Image: Samir Hussein/WireImageBy Sam Haysom2019-01-08 10:04:01 UTC

J.K. Rowling’s last few tweets may have been fairly light-hearted and dog-themed, but that doesn’t mean she’s left her troll-destroying ways completely behind her.
Oh no. Judging by her latest exchange, the Harry Potter author won’t be backing down from the occasional Twitter dual in 2019.

It started on Tuesday, when Rowling tweeted a link to some writing advice she’s recently posted on her website.

The advice is spread across two posts, and — if you’re a budding writer, or someone fascinated by Rowling’s own journey — it’s certainly worth a read.
After she’d shared it, Rowling responded to a couple of fans on Twitter.

Thank you! From talking to other writers I know that we all have very different processes. The only thing that works is what works for you. https://t.co/adgSBP7oDr
— J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) January 8, 2019

This being Twitter, though, not all the responses were positive. It wasn’t long before a troll had popped up, calling Rowling’s writing “shit” and describing her as “politically delusional”.
Needless to say, Rowling expelliarmus’d them into oblivion.

Question 1: I do the best I can with the talent I’ve got, but I know my writing isn’t to everyone’s taste.Question 2: my politics probably spring from my life experience and my temperament, like everyone else’s.Question 3: (unwritten but implied) Try being less of an asshole. pic.twitter.com/K1QDqnTazB
— J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) January 8, 2019


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