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This Apple Flex has it all: razor joke, perfect comedy timing and amazing fineness.
The Consumer Electronics Show starts on January 8, which means that almost every major and minor interest in the tech world in Las Vegas will converge for the annual show. Apple is forever a CES no-show, but this year the company has prepared a special surprise for the participants – and apparently for Amazon.

It is a public Pro-Apple / Anti-piracy advertisement plastered on a whole page of a hotel in Vegas. The ad copters a popular Vegas ism – "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!" – make a statement that any CES participant can understand.
The ad ends with a link to, a page that seems to be there to talk about all the choices Apple has made in securing your data. (It's not a privacy policy per se, but rather an easy-to-use portal that puts people in the direction they want to learn more.)

This is not just any hotel. This special SpringHill Suites by Mariott is located next to the Las Vegas Convention Center, the nerve center of the CES celebrations. If you meet the show in any way, you will eventually pass this sign.
Apple never participated in the CES, but the company certainly did not spend a lot of money to ensure a first-class ad placement for what we can only expect from the duration of the show. The ad also happens to every major Apple competitor at CES.
That's because it's true: Apple devices rarely suffer from privacy issues. You may pay more for an iOS or MacOS device, but at least you can be reasonably certain that your personal information – in whatever form – is secure.
Competitors such as Google (with Android and Google Assistant) and Amazon (with Alexa), however, have recently lacked in difficulties to protect the privacy of users.
Last October, we learned that Google was trying to hide a 2015 Google error that revealed the personal information of 500,000 users. In December, Amazon accidentally sent a user's Alexa commands audio files to a completely different customer. These are just examples. In particular, in 2018, there were numerous reports of data protection abuses.
None of this is to say that Apple is completely pro-consumer. This weekend, the company is in the news as it continues to bring customer concerns about bent iPad professionals as a natural product of the tablet's manufacturing process.
This ad though? Perfect. Whether you like Apple or not, you need to appreciate the unshakeable chutzpah when you spend a bootload of marketing dollars on trolling competitors at an event where Apple is frankly too big and too capable of having its own news cycle.

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